Zibo Chuangqi medical supplies Co., Ltd. was founded in the twentieth century enterprise innovation, the company has been producing and management of disposable medical server material. Mainly related to product: indwelling needle stick, catheter care package, dressing, nursing bag series, charge transfer, catheter care packages, packages of care, first aid kits and other medical server material.
   Company in the service of medical, convenient medical purposes, production and sales of professional medical supplies portfolio, always put the quality in the first place, to meet customer needs as the goal, to control the production process, so that our product quality and service levels continue to improve.
   Our company strictly in accordance with the requirements of modern enterprise standards, the customer as the center, the market as the guide, the good faith management as the principle, the organization of production and operation, product quality, variety, the user has a high reputation, but also according to customer's special requirements for production and processing.
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