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Inspection rules for transfusion packages

2015-10-19 14:24:41 Zibo Chuangqi medical supplies Co. Ltd. Read
   We have seen the infusion care package, and now a very large role in medicine, and to provide help, in the factory is the need to test it, we will understand the rules of the inspection of the infusion package:
   1, infusion care Bao Yingyou the enterprise quality inspection department for inspection, qualified before the factory.
   2, infusion care package inspection by batch inspection (factory inspection) and periodic inspection (type test), the factory inspection for batch test, infusion care package to the production batch and sterilization batch submit inspection, sterilization batch is only sterile, production batch by batch inspection requirements for inspection.
   3, batch test.
   4, the batch test according to GB/T2828.1 regulations, sampling plan to use a sample, its non qualified classification, inspection items, qualified quality level according to the provisions of table 2.
   5, the same sterilization process of product composition sterilization, each batch of sterilization batch application effective method to detect the sterilization effect, and provide testing report.
   The inspection of the infusion care package is the knowledge that we should understand, only in order to determine whether the product is qualified, and only in this way can we rest assured that the use of.