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Role of catheter fixation

2015-10-19 14:27:36 Zibo Chuangqi medical supplies Co. Ltd. Read
   Now medical science and technology is becoming more and more developed, the catheter fixation for many of the pain to reduce the pain, the following is a guide to the role of catheter fixation:
   Evidence suggests that catheter fixing device is beneficial to reduce needle stab, such as in two studies of children's Hospital and the Affiliated Hospital showed that compared suture fixation, this device eliminates the medical staff injuries.
   Related studies have compared the fixation device and suture fixation in children receiving short-term central venous catheters, the catheter fixation and suture fixation in adults, in two studies, the incidence of needle stick injury associated with catheter fixation was 2%.
   It is obvious that the use of the device to reduce the needle stab wound is evident in the use of the device to reduce the needle stab wound. Because there is no use of medical sharps, catheter fixation provides complete protection. In the case of a catheter that is usually used in the case of a tape, the device also reduces the needle stick, because it reduces the time of the catheter and prolongs the retention time of the catheter.
   From the knowledge we can know that the catheter can relieve the pain of patients, it is very good for the use of it, for its role we simply understand this.