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Operation steps of the catheter fixation

2015-10-19 14:32:31 Zibo Chuangqi medical supplies Co. Ltd. Read
   The catheter is fixed with the catheter, which can be used to make the catheter more fixed, and the operation procedure of the catheter is simple to understand:
   1, open the package, take out the product.
   2, peeling adhesive skin patch release paper, catheter fixed posts in the absence of skin damage, light according to heal, make the skin full contact.
   3, loosen the Velcro, tearing adhesive foam on the release paper, the catheter is fixed on the foam sheet, fasten velcro.
   4, loosen the bandage around, in certain parts of the body, after the tension band fixation.
   5, loosen the Velcro, Velcro move to the proper position, the catheter in Velcro proof, Velcro fastening.
   6, a short catheter fixation of the paper, in the first hand, the medical catheter in the skin, with product.
   Now people's demand for catheter fixation has gradually increased, it is not only convenient, and easy to operate, and solid, very practical in medicine.