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Seven reasons for the selection of infusion care package

2015-10-19 14:55:05 Zibo Chuangqi medical supplies Co. Ltd. Read
   The reason why people choose infusion care package is very simple, it is able to bring convenience, characteristics, practical good, for the selection of infusion care package of seven reasons we know:
   1, the composition of the infusion care package does not contain plasticizer, no DEHP leakage risk.
   2, the thermal stability, can be in 121 degrees of high temperature steam sterilization, does not affect the transparency.
   3, the water vapor permeability is very low, so that the concentration of the infusion to maintain a stable, can guarantee the storage period of goods.
   4, gas permeability is very low, even if it is very unstable infusion can also be kept very good.
   5, inert and excellent, not with any chemical reaction, and the majority of drug absorption is very low.
   6, the soft Tao, autogenous shrinkage, liquid at atmospheric pressure, through the closed infusion tube for transfusion, eliminating the risk of embolism caused by air pollution and bubble. At the same time, it is advantageous to use the emergency and emergency vehicle.
   7, high mechanical strength, can resist low temperature, not easy to break, easy to transport, storage.
   The reason why people choose infusion care package is so simple, I believe you understand, will choose it, believe that it will bring greater benefits for us.