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    Band aid

    • Product nameBand aid
    • Company nameZibo Chuangqi medical supplies Co. Ltd.
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    • Product use具有止血、护创作用
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    1. Detailed information
       Band aid
       Is one of the most commonly used drugs in people's life. Aid, also known as "hemostatic plaster", with hemostasis, nursing record. It is composed of a long tape attached to a small, middle soaked gauze of drugs. Because of the limitation of its structure, the band aid can only be used for small trauma emergency treatment, and thus play a temporary hemostasis and wound protection. But it should be noted that the use of time should not be too long. If you use it too long, a breathable outer layer of the adhesive plaster. It will make around the wound and wound skin white, soft, lead to bacterial secondary infection. This will make it worse. Band aid external dressing, hemostasis, nursing a role, for small wounds, abrasions and other affected area, helps to prevent the intrusion of bacteria and other substances, keep the wound health, prevent wound infection, accelerate wound healing.