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    Dressing change care package

    • Product nameDressing change care package
    • Company nameZibo Chuangqi medical supplies Co. Ltd.
    • Specification
    • Product useSuitable for surgery and trauma
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    1. Detailed information
    Dressing change care package
    By dressing care package bandage, cotton, cotton, non-woven sheet, adhesive tape, examination gloves, tweezers, towel.
    Dressing nursing care for the operation and trauma dressing change.
    Dressing with: auxiliary before dressing to wash, with PE gloves, unlock sites of dressing bandages and dressings, removal, dressing shop towel of disinfection treatment, removing gloves and wash your hands or with rapid disinfectant wipe hands, according to wound add gauze, pour liquid medication, specimens from wound secretion send wound culture, assist dressing who hold the patient in order to deal with the rear side of the wound, and need to turn over to turn over.
    Dressing care package product selling cities: Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai