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    Disposable dialysis nursing package

    • Product nameDisposable dialysis nursing package
    • Company nameZibo Chuangqi medical supplies Co. Ltd.
    • Specification
    • Product useIs suitable for nursing operation before and after dialysis.
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    1. Detailed information
    Disposable dialysis nursing package:
    Dialysis for use in dialysis. The main paste, adhesive tape, non-woven roll, examination gloves, towel, alcohol swabs etc..
    This product by the tray, medical adhesive paste, pads, wrap cloth, medical rubber examination gloves, medical non-woven gauze block and lap. This product is sterilized by ethylene oxide. Is suitable for nursing operation before and after dialysis.
    Product performance structure and composition: This product standard fittings bag cloth, single use rubber examination gloves, large items box, plastic tweezers, iodine cotton and the selection of accessories: a piece of gauze, Spunlaced woven cloth, small items box, medical infusion paste, medical tape, cotton swab composition.
    Product application scope: for medical institutions before and after the use of nursing care.
    Disposable dialysis care package product selling cities: Shandong, Zhejiang, Guangdong, Beijing, Shanghai